Who We Are?

Health and well-being, elevated.

4EL, founded by successful trainer Ed Napper, has one mission: To help you awaken your higher nature.

When you harmonize your health and wellness routine with the things that matter the most, you’ll experience major success in every aspect of your life. Our purely sourced, uniquely formulated amino acids and vitamins will elevate your existing efforts, from your training sessions to your diet, to ensure optimal performance at your highest levels.


We believe there are four elements of holistic wellness, and 4EL enhances every one.



Sleep + Restfulness​

Optimal rest is the foundational pillar of physical health, spiritual practice and emotional well-being.



Clarity + Mental Focus

Mental clarity and longterm vision is paramount in meaningful connections with others. Everything in creation is a product of thought.



Energy Production

Exercise naturally influences energy production.



Body Maintenance + Recovery

Vital nutrients, in optimal amounts that are good for your body and the planet is the key to maintaining physical health.

These four elements make up our comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The four elements described here are the main aspects of life.

Why 4EL?

The 4EL brand & philosophy is focused on the development of mind, body, spirit & soul because there are some elements beyond food that are necessary for the human organism to thrive. Mental and spiritual health are two of the most important priorities while securing the “Temple” (body) and working vigorously towards our life goals.

We’ve developed our supplements to:

  1. Contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of the world community at an affordable price.
  2. Lessen the carbon footprint for those who regularly over-consume meats.
  3. Assist those who’ve adopted alternative eating lifestyles in maintaining optimal muscular health, older and sedentary populations who are experiencing atrophy at very high rates.
  4. Present a clean way to enhance performance, promote weight loss where that is the goal and enhance recovery and regeneration.
  5. Support optimal blood sugar management (diabetes is a top 10 cause of death in the USA).
  6. Educate those who may not understand (or have access to) the importance of dietary vitamin, mineral and amino acid consumption.
  7. Change the world.

Our Core Values

4EL is all about the goodness of God, the underlying creative energy that permeates every living form of nature, and love for ALL. The values we live by are:

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